Student-made documentary wins international award

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(From Student-made documentary wins international award, by Matt Itelson, for Creative Arts: College of Arts and Humanities. April 5, 2011.

Photo by Chris Anthony Diaz

A student film is one of eight short documentaries to win the Delphic Art Movie Award, a coveted international honor which drew 136 entries from 42 countries.

Made in China interviews key figures in the emerging Shanghai rock music subculture, such as musician/producer J Lee of Tripe Smash, YuGuo and MoMo, and club owner Zhang Haisheng. The 12-minute film reveals their dreams and desires to cultivate an appreciative audience worldwide while still creating songs that are uniquely about China.

Students in the Cinema Department collaborated on the film, with cultural and technical assistance from Assistant Professor Weimin Zhang. M.F.A. candidate Javier Roberto-Carlos is director and producer. Other contributors include Andy Hu (producer), Hart Perez (writer-cinematographer), Chase Azimi (cinematographer-editor), Ben Goldberg (cinematographer-editor) and Jessica Deng (location sound recordist-translator).

Made in China will screen at the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival later this month. It has also screened at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

Similar to the Olympics, which unite people through sports, the Delphic Games are uniting people of all nations through arts and cultures. Based on thousands of years’ tradition in ancient times, the Delphic Games of the modern era offers an intercultural dialogue for the international art and culture scenery as well as the most talented newcomers a worldwide stage for competition, recycle, presentation, and the sharing of ideas. The International Delphic Council is based in Berlin.