by Charmaine Davis; Gavin Murray; Grant Henderson; Mason Ma; Yunqi Zhang; Alice Hua

Hip-hop Untitled documents Shanghai’s emerging hip-hop scene through the eyes of four artists. Danny Wang, Shanghai’s oldest B-Boy, reveals the city’s introduction to hip-hop culture; Chinese American MC Tim Wu Baby exposes the struggles Chinese MC face in this new art form; MC/Producer Daddy Chang discusses the intricacies of the independent grind; and DJ Cavia tells of his motivations for pursuing a DJing career in the big city. Together they provide an analysis on the scene as it now stands, how it came about, and where it’s going.

Hip- hop Untitled, 通过四位艺术家的视角记录了上海 hip-hop 的成长和现状。 Danny Wang, 上海资格最老的B-boy, 见证了hip-hop文化在上海的出现;亚 裔美国人Tim Wu Baby, 展示了中国MC在面对新的文化形式时的挣扎和努力; MC/Producer Daddy Chang讨论了独立的hip-hop如何能在中国发展;还有DJ Cavia 讲述了他如何成为知名DJ,在上海追求自己的职业梦想的故事。他们的故 事共同展示了上海hip-hop的产生和发展图景。

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