by Shavit Rein, Chris Dobbins, Geoffrey Norman, Jiaqi Zhang, Fei Li and Jing Shu

Over the past several decades, China has become ever more involved in the global community. The ensuing rapid social-economic changes have created a broad range of differences between the old and the young in China. However, what is more important than these differences created by this schism in generations is a shared cultural heritage of using art and music as a way to express oneself.

By interviewing members of a traditional Shanghai instrumental band, as well as a world music group composed of young Shanghai citizens with mixed heritages and a shared passion for West African percussion, this film asks the question: What is music? And more importantly: What is at stake for China, as it continues to transform and transition in an unprecedented way?

Though this film shows the strong differences between these two groups of old and young, traditional and global musicians, their shared desire for music as a way to express who they are, and as a way to engage with the world around them.

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